Midnight Noir Collection



Exciting news! We're delighted to share that we're broadening our design spectrum to include clothing, featuring show-stopping pieces curated for all your special occasions. Each item is meticulously handmade and crafted to order.

Velvet Sky Dress


Introducing our Velvet Sky Dress, crafted from exquisite stretch zebra print velvet devore for a flawless and figure-hugging fit. Tailored for those who crave a touch of drama, it boasts a low V-back paired with a halter neck front.
The addition of Ostrich feathers elevates the design, offering a luxurious and intricate feel. This midi black dress is your dependable choice, effortlessly combining simplicity with a hint of allure. In Velvet Sky, you become the statement.


ZenSculpt Set


Our ZenSculpt Set, a captivating two-piece ensemble. The Co-Ord includes Midnight Black leggings featuring a front pleat, meticulously crafted with figure-hugging spandex and accentuated by seams down the front and back. The ankle zippers allow for customisable openings, providing both functionality and style. Engineered to enhance your figure with double Vs, these leggings are perfectly paired with a long-sleeved cut-out top for a head-turning look.